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Limewire to shut down completely Tiffany Sets Jewelry on december 31 At the time, the company said it would continue developing a new, legal service that would include a desktop player, mobile apps and a catalog of music from which people could stream and download songs. "As a result of our current legal situation, we have no choice but to wind down limewire store operations,"Spokesperson tiffany guarnaccia said friday. "Given our current situation, the website plans to bring our separate, legal music service to market, have been canceled. " Call it stealing, or whatever you want.The simple fact is that loads of consumers, now that they have the means to revolt, have stated very loud and clearly what they believe a pre-Recorded song is worth.Nothing.Not a dime.Not when it gets played on public airwaves(And can be legally recorded from the radio)For free. But concert ticket prices are at an all time high, and each summer some other band is breaking the record for the highest grossing tour.We aren't all a bunch of thieves looking to scam artists or record companies.This is plain and simple capitalism at work. We respect the work it takes to produce an album, but we don't feel that artists should be able to coast for life off of a single measure of work(Studio performance).Get out there and play. And lets be clear about one thing.If you download music illegally, you are hurting record companies, not artists.Several artists have been paid big dollars by record companies to make us believe that they are victims.They're not.Artists get paid to produce live performances(Actual ongoing work).Record companies get paid(Mostly by the artists)To produce records. Steal an album, buy a concert ticket instead.Artists will get to keep more of the money from their(Actual)Work, and the record companies will learn what we consumers believe their product is worth.The best new artists release on youtube for free anyway. The whole music scene is changed.The record companies messed up by being late to the table.They only seem to sign humongous talent(That is sometimes short on talent but big on marketability)To package for maximum sales, damn the art.Witness the nashville scene.99% of what they produce is utter crap.That is not to denigrate country music, but the very best of it is done mostly on indie labels because nashville can't smooth the edges.Remember, twang is not a production value, twang is a soul. Because of new jungle rules, serious artists need to decide how they will make a living.Will they make money from touring with some extra cash from cd sales at the back of the room?Or will they depend on internet cd sales and do an occasional live appearance?Or find a miserable job in a miserable economy.Or starve.It can work, but not for everybody.Only the artist can decide which path to take.And how much to endure. sale It's goddam cold in the music world.Hell, music is the only warmth. Not what i said, koz.I stated a statistic.It shows how screwed up the whole scene is.I do not advocate stealing music files.But it stands that the people who do pirate tunes, also buy the most.He never recorded an album, but he wanted to.He went to his publisher who was also a record label.They told him no.So he recorded it himself and sold it on the 'net.He did very well.Beyond minimal costs, he made some good money.The record company took notice and helped him record his second album.But they didn't promote it and it tanked.They tore up the contract and gave the artist the cds.He put them on the 'net and sold out. Again,He did very well. The record companies don't control the industry like they used to.They are very frustrated.It's time for every artist to decide which course will work best for them.There is no standard.

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